The human brain is a complex thing

Neuroscience enables us to explore and begin to understand how the human brain functions. The knowledge we gain can be applied to help us to understand how people learn and develop, so that we can support them to achieve their goals.

In this short eBook you’ll learn essential information about:

  • How cognitive impairments impact on an individual’s ability to learn and progress
  • How neuroscience enables us to explore and understand how the brain functions
  • The 8 domains of the brain that affect thinking and learning including those affecting literacy and numeracy



Cognitive assessment - a different perspective

Cognassist uses a cognitive assessment completed online in under 30 minutes to measure ability in these 8 domains:

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Verbal memory
  • Executive function
  • Visual Perception
  • Non-verbal memory
  • Visual information processing speed

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“Cognassist works really well for us. It’s providing us with a tool to manage learner support, and to draw down the funding that we require.”

Tamsyn Lawton, Director of Apprenticeships, Lincoln College