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Funding is a bit of a dirty word in the industry. However, training providers no longer have the luxury to see LSF (and other vital funding streams) as somehow exploitative of learners with additional learning needs. There is a legal and moral imperative to claim funding and ensure that providers use it to support all learners in the most comprehensive way possible. In essence, we shouldn’t feel squeamish about the idea of claiming learning support funding (LSF) if it provides crucial support to ALN learners. And in the current climate, it is more important than ever that providers find new and effective ways of supporting their learners and use the appropriate funding to do so.

Many learners will need extra support, which providers may not currently be set-up to deliver. All providers have an obligation to identify these learners and support them throughout their programme, whether it’s inside the classroom or remotely. Providing learners with much-needed resources, tutor sessions, training and appropriate reasonable adjustments to their end-point assessment all costs money, and that is precisely why the funding exists. So, how can providers prove they’re supporting all their learners sufficiently without it?

Dr. Louise Karwowski, Cognassist's Head of Science, and Lisa Smith, a Senior Manager with RSM UK, will present a webinar looking at this important topic and how providers can simplify the identification, support and LSF claiming process using the Cognassist platform.

Attendees will gain insight into:

  • How, with average identification rates still below population statistics, you can ensure you’re identifying all those with a need.
  • The different ways you can continue to support learners remotely.
  • The steps you can take to prepare learners, particularly those with an identified need, for their end-point assessment by adjusting it to their personal needs.


Louise Karwaowski
Dr. Louise Karwowski
Head of Science
Lisa Smith
Senior Manager
RSM Risk Assurance Services LLP