Intent, Implementation and Impact - Your Guide to the New Education Inspection Framework by Marina Gaze

Recorded on 17 October 2019


The introduction of the new Education Inspection Framework (EIF) and new inspection methodology herald significant changes for providers, including the reduced role of the nominee, the enhanced role of middle managers and the use of deep dives to gather evidence.

This webinar will help your organisation keep up-to-date and quickly identify actions to improve provision. In this webinar with Marina you will learn more about:

  • The Education Inspection Framework and its application for Apprentices, Study Programmes, Traineeships, Adult Education and high Needs.
  • The changes to inspection methodology
  • The strong focus on curriculum – what it means in practice.
  • Evidencing intent, implementation and impact.
  • Demonstrating progress and challenge to learners.
  • Evidence gathering and the weight of evidence in the new methodology.
  • The importance of disadvantaged learners and learners with SEND.


Marina Gaze picture
Marina Gaze
Former Director for FE and Skills